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Common SR-22 Insurance Questions

- What's an SR-22?

An SR-22 is a certificate of insurance that proves you carry car insurance. Some people refer to it as SR-22 car insurance, or a certificate of financial responsibility (CFR) filing. The SR-22 simply states you’re meeting your state’s car insurance coverage requirements for driving over a specified amount of time. 

- SR22, SR-22, SR 22, SR22 form: Is it all the same?

Yes, no matter how you reference SR-22, all the above examples refer to SR-22 car insurance for drivers. Insurance companies may have a preference in how they use the term SR-22 in print and online, but it’s all referring to the CFR filing you need to do to meet your state's insurance requirements. 

- Who needs an SR-22?

You may need SR-22 coverage if you have one of the following driving violations (your state might also require them for reasons not listed below):


Reckless driving

At-fault accidents

Driving without insurance coverage

Driving with a suspended license

You might also need an SR-22 if you have a bunch of small incidents pile up over time. Again, it’s different for every state. Good drivers who don’t have any traffic violations don’t have to get an SR-22 to be legal on the road.

- Can I get an SR-22 today?

Yes. We can issue you one immediately. In most states, we’re able to electronically send your SR-22 to the state the same day. 

- What do I need to do to get SR-22 insurance?

The additional information varies by state, but in general, simply indicating you’re a driver in need of an SR 22 filing when purchasing your auto insurance policy is enough. Your insurance carrier can take it from there. You’ll need to provide your driver’s license number or other identification number for us to file with your state. 

- What if my SR-22 policy cancels?

If your SR-22 lapses/cancels, your insurance company is required to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This could result in loss of your driver’s license or, depending on your state of residence, other consequences. Making payments on time will help keep a policy from canceling and prevent an SR-26 from being sent to the state. An SR-26 cancels the SR-22 with the state.

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